• Zenith Interiors Emma stools

    Upholstered in Supelle Lime Twist, Persimmon & Hessian.
  • Maxton Fox Kiivo suite

    Upholstered in Supelle Lime Twist.

Melbourne based Innova International has progressively launched throughout Australasia, a series of highly differentiated, purpose designed textiles for diverse markets.

Innova’s own brand offering includes collections of textiles for interior fit outs, commercial, marine and outdoor upholstery, automotive trim, medical and bedding markets.

Innova supports its brands with a substantial financial commitment to high level stock holdings, supported by advanced logistical capabilities. Industry relevant brands, backed by superior customer service, drive Innova's leadership in many market segments.

Continual research and development of new textiles ensures Innova remains at the forefront of performance engineered textile design and technology.

Innova offers an extensive range of highly differentiated performance engineered PVC and Synthetic Leather textiles for diverse market segments including Upholstery, Transport, Leisure, Medical, Bedding and Marine.

Utilising the latest technology to produce purpose designed products, Innova fabrics are engineered to perform to the highest standards and last the distance in the harshest environments.

Innova products routinely incorporate the highest quality FR, UV, anti-microbial / anti-bacterial and anti mildew formulations, including specialised coatings such as Resistain® used on Innova’s market leading Pacifica range.


All PVC and PU synthetic leather fabrics require a degree of maintenance and care. A regular, minimum weekly cleaning regimen using appropriate products will prolong the life of the fabric.

Innova recommends the following cleaning procedure:

  • Remove any loose dirt or soiling with a suitable cloth (e.g. microfibre) or soft bristled brush and lukewarm water
  • Apply a mild, lukewarm pH neutral soap solution with a sponge or soft bristled brush
  • Allow the soap to stand briefly, but do not let dry
  • Remove soap residue with microfibre cloth and clean water
  • Dry thoroughly using a dry microfibre cloth

Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or cleaners containing solvents, gasoline, petroleum distillates, plasticisers or concentrated bleach. These have the potential to damage the fabric surface and void the guarantee.

Healthcare Applications:

For sanitisation in a healthcare application, Innova recommends the following procedure:

  • Remove any loose dirt or soiling with a soft bristled brush and/or lukewarm water
  • Apply a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water using a clean white cloth
  • Rub gently and rinse with water dampened cloth to remove bleach concentrate
  • Frequency of cleaning to be no more than once a week