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Established in 1956, Morbern has more than 50 years of expertise designing and manufacturing decorative coated upholstery fabrics. Headquartered in Cornwall, Ontario, Morbern is the latest supply partner of Innova International.

ISO9001 certified and awaiting on final ISO14001 sign off (Covid delayed) Morbern's manufacturing facility and fabric technologies are world leading.

Fully REACH and RoHS compliant Morbern's ethos is one of total commitment to sustainability and the planet.

  • Phthalate free formulations
  • Low VOC water based finishes
  • Bio-based renewable ingredients
  • 99% renewable energy consumption
  • 75% reduction in water consumption (since 2016)
  • Fire retardent free materials (range dependent)
  • No persistent bio accumulative or toxic chemicals (PBT's)
  • No Halogenated flame retardents

The MorGreen Collection (including Eden FRee) are part of Morbern’s journey toward sustainability and the products that exemplify it. It is Morbern's way of communicating the company’s commitment to protect and preserve our children’s tomorrows while meeting clients’ needs today.

MorGreen products are a combination of brand new and reformulated vinyls that service the healthcare, hospitality and contract industries. The product formulations omit phthalates, flame retardants (FR) and antimicrobial additives (MR), while still providing top performance qualities. Even the products that eliminate FR still pass standard AS1530.3 and the US flame resistance tests including CA TB 117-2013, NFPA 260 and UFAC Class 1.


From water based surface finishes and alcohol and bleach resistant products to pink stain resistance, Morbern's technology is taking decorative vinyls back to the future.

In demanding applications like the healthcare arena PVC based materials have been challenged by the need for more rigorous cleaning regimes and harsher chemical cleaning solutions widely known to dramatically shorten the lifespan of 'standard' vinyl's. The new MorCare Collection is resistant to Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), Alcohol based healthcare cleaning wipes and Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectants. (see care instructions for full details)

MGX - MorGuard Xtreme® surface coating provides far greater stain resistance and easier cleaning in vinyls that feature heavier and deeper emboss styles. These deeper embossed products have historically been avoided by upholsterers and customers in Marine and Healthcare applications due to the difficulties keeping them clean and/or sterile. Now with MGX, designers and upholsterers can introduce texture and depth to their creations.

Download MGX information.

Morbern Splash technology; specifically formulated to resist "Pink Staining" a bacterial secretion that interacts with plasticisers in the vinyl leaving pink dots within the fabrics skin. The phenomenon is well known to the marine trimming industry and difficult to iradicate in damp and humid environments.


To prevent build up of dirt and contaminates, which may cause permanent staining, periodic cleaning is highly suggested. The frequency of cleaning is dependent upon the environmental conditions the material is subjected to.

For normal cleaning: Most stains can be easily cleaned using warm, soapy water and clear water rinses. Moderate scrubbing with a soft to medium bristle brush will help loosen soiling materials from the depressions of embossed surfaces.

For more stubborn stains, use a commercially available vinyl cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Full strength rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits* may be tried cautiously as a last resort on very stubborn stain, if the above suggestions do not work.

Indiscriminate use of any solvent, or solvent containing cleaner, can severely damage or discolor vinyl.

Always follow with a clear water rinse after cleaning with solvents. Note: Detergents should never be used on a regular or repeated basis for normal cleaning. Morbern recommends repeated rinsing with clear water after any cleaning procedure.

When opening a new container, please test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area as cleaning manufacturers may change formula without notice. Morbern cannot be responsible when unknown changes are made by the manufacturer of the cleaner to their formulations between our 6-month verification intervals.

*Caution: Exercise care as these solvents are flammable. Use only small quantities of solvents and keep clear of any sources of ignition. Wear protective gloves and ensure cleaning takes place in a well ventilated area.