Rim Fabrics

  • Programmed Property Services, Melbourne

    Office workstations in Harmony fabric by Habitat Fitouts.
  • Honeycomb Marigold fabric

    Honeycomb - patterned by nature.
  • Australian Taxation Office, Canberra

    Office workstations in Evolve fabric by Schiavello.
  • Printed RIM FABRICS

    Customised branding printed on Trilogy 1 for Australian Outdoor Living.

Derived from patented technology, the RIM Fabrics range offers a unique collection of micro-stitch fabrics for the Australasian contract market. These performance proven recyclable textiles include GECA certified ranges for screens, partitions, work stations and notice boards applications.

In 2010, RIM Fabrics was acquired by Innova International. The RIM commitment to high level customer service, superior quality and value carries on under the new ownership.

Based on highly advanced, patented technology, the RIM FABRICS product range is a unique collection of micro-stitch non-woven polyester textiles.

These performance proven recyclable textiles, some GECA Certified, are designed for use in office fit outs – work stations, screens, partitions, pin boards and seating.

RIM FABRICS unique technology creates cost effective materials and colours that satisfy modern office décor, durability and value requirements.

Superior non-fray and drapability properties derive from this technology, when compared to traditional loom based woven constructions.

All RIM FABRICS ranges meet relevant Australian and New Zealand fire retardancy standards.


•  Regular light vacuum cleaning is recommended. Avoid using hard brushes or harsh rubbing techniques.

•  Soiled areas can be cleaned using upholstery or carpet shampoos. DO NOT use soap or dishwashing detergents. First vacuum the area to be treated. DO NOT use excessive water as it may affect the adhesive or substrate the fabric is attached to.
E.g. Gyprock may bubble or split, plywood may distort, or the fabric may delaminate.

 • For commercial installations, use an extractive carpet cleaner. An inconspicuous area should be tested first to ensure the substrate is not affected.

• Commercial dry cleaning of large areas of wall covering IS NOT recommended. 


Early detection is the key to successful stain removal. Always wipe stain from ‘outside in’ to avoid spreading.

Ballpoint ink / felt tip pens

Sponge with methylated spirits, blot away excess. Apply sparingly as it may affect adhesive used to install fabric.

Mud / fingerprints / general soiling

Sponge with carpet or upholstery shampoo solution.

Beverages (tea, coffee, wine etc.)

Immediately absorb spillage with a sponge or cloth. Sponge with carpet or upholstery shampoo solution.

 Before any treatment, an inconspicuous area should be tested first to ensure no adverse effects.