Sauleda, S.A.

  • Colourful awnings & umbrellas

    Vibrant shade structures in Lisos fabrics.
  • Commercial umbrellas

    Lisos solar protection fabrics.
  • Flemington Racecourse, Victoria

    Patron chalets at The Bird Cage.

One of the world's oldest and most respected textile manufacturers, Sauleda S.A. has been weaving, dyeing and finishing superior grade textiles for more than 122 years. Their long standing relationship with Innova International spans over two decades.

Vertically integrated, Sauleda utilise only the finest quality raw materials. Exercising rigorous commitment to strict quality control ensures textiles are of the highest standard. Continuous capital investment in advanced production lines is testament to this commitment.

Sauleda have developed extensive collections of market leading PVC and acrylic fabrics. Custom manufacture of special colours, fabric widths or new fabric constructions can also be arranged.

Sauleda solution dyed acrylic fabrics are backed with genuine fabric replacement guarantees, including a market leading 10 Year Warranty on Lisos solar protection textiles. Sauleda’s acquisition of textile manufacturer, Tuva Textil, added brilliant Teflon® treated decorative, upholstery and custom ranges which reach into interior curtaining and exterior upholstery markets. 

Sauleda's collection of specialised PVC fabrics are available in a variety of widths, weights, colours and textures, suitable for any outdoor applications. 

Sauleda acrylic fabrics on the other hand, are woven from the finest solution dyed yarns, utilising high stability dyes. The solution dying process ensures the fabrics have excellent UV resistance and long term colour fastness.

Sauleda acrylic fabrics are finished with a Teflon® coating. The coating provides a protective top layer, which aids in surface preservation, longevity and resistance to dirt. They also exhibit excellent water, stain and micro-organism resistance. Fabric maintenance is simple and easy.

All Sauleda fabrics carry the Oeko-Tex Certification Standard, which certifies textiles are free from 100 toxic chemicals frequently used in textile manufacture and are completely safe for human contact. 

Sauleda fabrics are simple to maintain. Early and appropriate care taken to maintain the fabric will ensure a longer fabric life in all applications.

Basic maintenance tips:

  • Remove dirt regularly by gentle brushing or vacuuming the fabric.
  • Wash regularly with water applied at an intermediate pressure (by hose).
  • From time to time, use a solution of water (at a temperature of no more than 30º C) and a neutral PH soap.
  • Do not use hot water (above 30º C) or high-pressure cleaners.
  • Apply to the fabric and then rinse off with abundant water.
  • Let the fabric dry completely outdoors.
  • Do not use solvents, bleaches or abrasive detergents.