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Since 1920, Verseidag-Indutex GmbH has manufactured technical textiles for a variety of markets including Architectural, Solar Protection, Marquee, Print, Biogas and Industrial.

Based in Krefeld, Germany, Verseidag is a globally recognised market leader and is proud to consider itself one of the most reputable technical textile manufacturers in the world. Verseidag’s PVC and PTFE membrane fabrics are used in numerous iconic buildings and stadia worldwide including the third tallest hotel in the world - Burj Al Arab in Dubai; the worlds largest tensile membrane structure - Impala Shipping Terminal in Callao, Peru; National Arena in Bucharest; and stadia in South Africa for the FIFA World Cup 2010 just to name a few.

Verseidag has a long-standing commitment to quality management, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. This is backed by their ISO certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Verseidag is also a proud contributing partner of VinylPlus, the European PVC Industry’s Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development.

In July 2017, Verseidag partnered with Innova as its exclusive Australian distributor in four separate business divisions including:

Architecture PVC and PTFE coated fabric membrane
Duraskin® tent, marquee, industrial and biogas
SEEMEE®  large format digital printing
TAG     special solution textiles

For more information on the full range of Verseidag fabrics including PVC Tensile, Tents and Industrial fabrics and meshes, PTFE fabrics and meshes, please contact your local Innova Sales Representative or Innova Head Office direct.

The physical characteristics of technical textiles are derived as much from the manufacturing processes, as they are from the components used in their production. The improved TXA-F series includes a titanium dioxide (TiO2) reinforced PVC coating and a bilaterally applied PVDF lacquer on both sides.

This multi-layered coating structure will further enhance UV resistance and colour fastness, whilst retaining excellent high frequency welding characteristic without the need for surface grinding. Backed by a superior 15-year warranty, this series is available in a variety of colours, strengths, weights, thickness, textures and translucency. 

Verseidag membrane fabrics offer high levels of protection against environmental influences such as wind, sun, rain, micro-organisms, dust and other pollutants. However, regular inspection and cleaning of the material will ensure longer aesthetic performance and maintain greater functionality of the product.

Innova recommends a regular inspection routine is established with your fabrication expert and extraordinay checks are made after significant events such as heavy storms, snowfall, hailstorms, or heavy objects falling on the membrane.

General cleaning procedures:

The cleaning procedure should be carried out as follows whilst observing all local Occupational Health and Safety regulations. 

  1. Lay membrane flat on a clean and smooth surface (where possible) – avoid damaging the fabric by walking on it with inappropriate footwear.
  2. Rinse away any dirt on surface using clean cold/warm water.
  3. Apply a lukewarm pH neutral (range 6 - 8) soap solution with a soft brush (nylon) or sponge to remove any dirt or soiling.
  4. Remove soap residue and rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  5. Dry surface thoroughly.

Cleaning Specific Stains:

Pollutant build up that is difficult to remove using the above cleaning procedures may comprise the following:

  • A build-up of mineral origin: grease, tar, calcareous sedimentation...
  • A build-up of vegetable origin: leaves, pollens, resins...
  • A build-up of animal origin: bird droppings, dead insects...

The nature of the above substances can pose stubborn cleaning challenges; however, the use of solvents could damage the membrane and in turn would void any fabric warranty. Therefore, before any action is taken, it is recommended you contact a cleaning specialist for advice.


The following cleaning materials are strictly excluded for use on Verseidag fabrics and their use voids all and any warranties in place: 

  • Abrasive powders, pastes, liquids, abrasive sponges, etc.
  • Pressurised steam cleaners
  • Organic chemicals (acetone, gasoline, benzene, fuel, kerosene, perchlorethylene, turpentine, toluene, trichloroethylene, oil, petrol)
  • Inorganic chemicals (ammonia, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, soda, caustic soda, liquid bleach)

Note: This cleaning recommendation does not cover print products and products that are top-coated with a print protection varnish. Contact Innova if you have any questions and for more detailed cleaning instructions.