Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric by The Mitchell Group

24 | 11 | 2017 In Announcements , Upholstery


The Mitchell's Group Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is now available in Australia, exclusively distributed by Innova International. Innova is proud to officially launch Mitchell’s faux leather upholstery fabrics - Highwood, Crisscross and Congo.

Sta-Kleen® faux leather offers outstanding appearance, performance, maintenance and environmental qualities for both commercial and contract upholstery. Highwood, Crisscross and Congo are the first truly cleanable faux leathers with a tactile feel closest to real leather.

Designed specifically for high traffic areas, the Sta-Kleen® ranges are suitable for commercial interiors, hotels, restaurants, clubs, education, healthcare and aged care. Combining aesthetic appeal with enhanced durability, these fabrics are also resilient enough to withstand the effects of commercial cleaners used in healthcare facilities and other commercial environments.

The Mitchell Group is committed to developing products with reduced environmental impact, as well as ensuring that materials used in the Sta-Kleen manufacturing process are phthalate, formaldehyde and PVC free. Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric (in selected colours) meets the goals set forth by the Healthier Hospitals (HH) Safer Chemicals Challenge, Version 2*

The Sta-Kleen® faux leather collection will initially be offered in three patterns:

  • Highwood, a subtle two-tone leather look in 9 colours;
  • Crisscross, a shimmery linen look in 7 colours; and 
  • Congo, an animal hide inspired design in 5 colours.

Additional patterns and colours are also available on an indent order basis. Speak to your local Innova Sales Representative or contact Head Office for all your sampling requirements.

* Textiles described herein meet the Healthy Interiors goal of the Safer Chemicals Challenge according to the manufacturer. Practice Greenhealth does not verify this information and Healthier Hospitals is a recommendation, not a certification.