Silex and Hayden Brochure Specification Information - Correction Notice

25 | 06 | 2020 In Announcements , Upholstery

The Wyzenbeek method is widely used in the United States as the default test for abrasion resistance. Innova International source these materials from The Mitchell Group in the US who indicate the following guideline for assessment of the Wyzenbeek test results.

Wyzenbeek Double Rubs for Residential Applications

Delicate Duty: Less than 3,000 double rubs. Recommended for more decorative use as in curtains, drapes or pillows.

Light Duty: 3,000 - 9,000 double rubs. Usually better suited for formal or occasional use furniture.

Medium Duty: 9,000 - 15,000 double rubs. Versatile. Good for living or family rooms.

Heavy Duty: 30,000 + double rubs. Ideal for living rooms, family rooms or heavily trafficked areas.

Double Rubs for Commercial Applications

Contract Upholstery Minimum: 15,000 double rubs is considered the minimum for general contract, commercial upholstery projects.

Heavy Duty: 15,000 - 30,000 double rubs. Suitable for single shift offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms and dining areas.

Extra-Heavy Duty: 30,000 + double rubs. Recommended for constant use as in hospital waiting areas, airport terminals, fast food restaurants, theaters and stadiums.