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Growing demand from the design communities in Europe and the United States for fabrics without flame retardant additives led Morbern to develop a new Collection that would still meet the demanding specification of both the Commercial and Healthcare sectors. This Collection was named MorGreen.

Eden FRee is one of the products in the Morbern MorGreen Collection. To meet a growing demand for greener living and eco-friendly solutions, Morbern introduced Eden FRee: free of Fire-Resistant Additives (yet EN1021 1&2 compliant), free of Phthalates & free of Anti-Microbial Additives, Reach Compliant (nontoxic, no heavy metals, no mercury, cadmium or lead); RoHS compliant, No Bisphenol A (BPS); No Ozone Depleting Chemicals., No Persistent Bio Accumulative and Toxic Chemicals, Bromine Free and no Halogenated Flame Retardants.

In addition to the above the MorGreen Collection are manufactured to exacting ISO14000 standards in a plant using 99% renewable energy and 75% less water.

MorGreen coated Fabrics are the ethical, Vegan Leather alternative to the energy-intensive, chemical tanning of animal hides.


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