Geoform XL

  • Geoform XL in application, WA

Geoform XL is a premium grade PVC liner for fabrication of broad acreage liquid containment. Its applications extend from mine tailing and general liquid containment to preventing loss of valuable irrigation water, or for aesthetic projects such as the creation of artificial lakes.

Geoform XL’s unique physical characteristics make it the geomembrane of choice, with high puncture and flex cracking resistance due to its zero crystallinity, providing greater ability to accept higher levels of sub-grade subsidence.

Geoform XL has over 20 years of proven performance, backed with over 30 years experience in formulation and manufacture.

Geoform XL is fabricated to meet individual specifications and is available in both 0.45mm and 0.75mm thicknesses, suitable for both buried and exposed situations.

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