• Colourful umbrellas & awnings

    Applications for Lisos fabrics.
  • Restaurant umbrellas

    Application for Lisos fabrics.
  • Retractable awning

    Lisos in awning application by Campbell & Heeps.
Sauleda, S.A.

Lisos from Sauleda of Spain is a collection of superior grade acrylic fabrics. These brilliant, versatile textiles offer flexibility in solar protection applications, from contemporary commercial façades, canopies and umbrellas to more traditional domestic awnings.

This internationally acclaimed collection has delivered outstanding performance in harsh Australian conditions over many years. Solution dyed for optimal UV protection, Lisos colours also exhibit excellent water and micro-organism resistance. Special finishing treatments incorporating TEFLON® fabric protectors ensure long life and easy maintenance.

Lisos fabrics possess exceptional mechanical resistance to stretching, shrinking and tearing. With a rigorous commitment to strict quality control, Sauleda back all products with a genuine 10 year fabric replacement guarantee.

The Australian Collection is available in an extensive range of plain and striped tones, with additional colours available from Sauleda’s global range.


Please note:- With all acrylic fabrics aesthetic imperfections such as mottling, waffling, folds, etc. due to handling during preparation of the awning or upon its installation could appear. They can vary considerably depending upon awning size, shape and even the angle of light on the fabric.

These are all normal characteristics of acrylic fabrics and do not harm the physical properties of the fabric. Therefore they are not deemed to be fabric "faults" and as such are not the responsibility of the manufacturer or installer

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