Sotto Voce 20mm PET Panel

  • Sotto Voce Panel

  • Sotto Voce Panel

    Now available in 24mm and 20mm thicknesses
Rim Fabrics

SOTTO VOCE a Rim Fabrics product (Italian for Whisper)

Sotto Voce 20mm (and 24mm) panels are the latest additions to our popular Rim range expanding the choice within the Sotto Voce range following unprecedented demand from our customers for heavier panel options.

The 100% polyester panels have been manufactured to Innova Internationals exacting specifications and are certified to the European Oeko-Tek standard 100 Class 4. (Low VOC, free of heavy metals and environmental pollutants).

The panel contains approximately 50% recycled PET product and are purposely produced to a higher density (7.2% on average) than competing panels in the market place. This increased density makes Sotto Voce far more stable, more rigid for easier fabrication, handling and better performance with reduced denting, warping and sagging in application.

Sotto Voce is also highly print receptive allowing for incredible flexibility and endless variation for creative interior design.

Initially 2 colours have been chosen and are now stocked locally, with the balance of the range consisting of 48+ colours these alternate colours can be made available on a project / specification basis.

On the 20mm Sotto Voce recent acoustic testing yielded an NRC value of 0.60 and a weighted sound absorption cooefficient of 0.45 both with no air gap. This will assist with room acoustics and reverberation issues when used in interior applications.

Please note Specifications on this page refer to the 20mm Sotto Voce.

Specifications for the 24mm Panel can be found here.

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Disclaimer: Colours given as an indicative reference only and will vary dependent on screen and print resolutions.