Terra Nova Neo

  • Commercial seating

    Commercial seating application for Terra Nova Neo upholstery.
  • Commercial seating by Cormio Furniture

    Terra Nova Neo upholstery on restaurant banquette seating with diamond buttoning.
  • New Beginnings


Suitable for indoor use in heavy traffic domestic, commercial and health care environments, Terra Nova Neo delivers outstanding performance for heavily frequented areas.

Neo's Polyurethane 'synthetic leather' and PVC free technology delivers enhanced durability, excellent hydrolysis resistance and high abrasion resistance, achieving certification to the highest Australian standards.

Terra Nova Neo's high tolerance of modern cleaning products used for sterilisation also makes it extremely suitable for health and aged care applications.

Utilising the latest technological advances in polyurethane construction, Terra Nova Neo is as soft and supple as genuine leather, whilst maintaining commercial grade wear and stain resistance. Unlike animal hide, the fabric is easy to care for and has also shown excellent results for flame retardancy and resistance to mechanical breakdown.

A superb palette of 21 colours was refreshed in the spring of 2019 with the introduction of 5 new designer inspired colours. 10 of the original range colours have now been placed on a special order list and will be manufactured and imported on a case by case basis.

The range now spans from classic neutrals and natural tones to contemporary, vibrant shades to suit the décor demands of modern commercial environments.

Terra Nova Neo out performs other synthetic leathers and provides a genuine, lasting alternative to animal hide.

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