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Morbern’s new VIBE collection is now available in stock in Australia !
Designed for indoor and outdoor upholstery applications, VIBE features high cleanability and superb oil resistance thanks to its "Protect-OR” top finish. Where heavy machinery leaves oily residue, VIBE’s special OR top coat resists oil penetration.
VIBE’s Protect-OR top finish is proven to protect against:
1. Cosmetic’s, food & oils.
2. Everyday dirt and grime.
3. Blood and urine stains.
4. Mildew and outdoor exposure.
VIBE is made in Canada, Mildew resistant, Superior cleanability, Bleach resistant, Denim-dye transfer resistant, Oil resistant, IMO MED & Wheelmark certified, REACH compliant, Healthcare cleaner resistant, Phthalate free, 100% Vegan, Skin Safe (ISO 10993-10), EN71-3 safety for toys compliant, Contains bio-based plasticiser derived from sustainably grown soya bean oil.
VIBE also complies with ISO 22196 – resulting in a 99% reduction of bacteria on the surface of the coated fabric.
No Ozone depleting chemicals, Bisphenol A, PBT’s, Bromine or HFR’s are used in the VIBE construction.

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