Sustainable Textile Design

Innova International is committed to progressive environmental practices and has developed long-term goals to reduce the environmental impacts of their business practices and products.

As a minimum standard, all Innova suppliers and production partners must have ISO 14001 Certification of their production facilities for their Environmental management systems and processes.

Innova International strictly avoids “green washing” or environmental disinformation regarding the environmental attributes of their products, their applications and business practices. Innova International fully appreciates the need for clear, accurate, empirical information with regard to the environmental statements made about their products and associated applications.

Often when referring to the environmental or sustainable qualities of textiles, the information available is confusing, vague and at times conflicts with commonly held perceptions of certain materials.

Innova International strives to clarify the environmental performance and sustainability of their products in plain language to simplify the specification process and most accurately match the benefits of their textiles to their customers’ environmental goals.

Information regarding specific areas of Environmental Information and Sustainability such as: VinylPlus, Product Longevity, Low VOC Certification etc. is available via the links on this page.

*Note: some topics make ‘generalised statements’ in reference to the environmental benefits derived from the application of particular products, where common sense dictates.

E.g. Shading of windows from direct sunlight by the use of external blinds has proven environmental benefits, by reducing the power consumption of air conditioning systems. However, quantification of this benefit is application specific.